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How to turn off Facebook “Places”

a montage image of screencaps from FB's privacy optionsCrossposted.

If anyone is wondering why pretty much the only thing I ever mention on Facebook has to do with sharing comedy links (with occasional politics links once in a while)? It’s because if it wasn’t for my comedy-blogging need to keep in touch with what comedians are up to, I’d have left the damn site long ago.

The new “Places” feature is yet another form of geotagging that lets everybody in the world know where you are, and which you can limit to “Friends only” or “Only Me” by going to the Privacy settings, but which you cannot turn off entirely.

Lifehacker shows you how to turn off the “Places” “feature” so that you can at least stop your location being inadvertently shared to strangers by your FB friends:
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screencap of ShushThatNoise plugin in action

Testing plugin: ShushThatNoise

Downloadable via the WordPress plugin repository: ShushThatNoise – Ignorant Comment Hider, only compatible with WP3.01.

Hide unwanted comments without deleting them. Edit the comment and wrap the offending text in [shush][/shush].
(Example: [shush]FIRST!!![/shush])

Readers can choose to read the hidden comment by clicking on the “Show” link.
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