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picture of a generic dictionaryI’ve added a dictionary plugin so that I can go mad with acronyms, initialisms and jargon to my heart’s content and still let newbie webtech readers understand what I’m going on about – I’d appreciate some accessibility testing from those using screen readers. I think it needs some better styling to indicate which words have a dictionary link for a start.

Here’s some of the terms that I have defined:

  • SEO
  • Information Architecture
  • HTML
  • JPEG
  • CSS

How does that work for you, dear readers?

4 thoughts on “Dictionary plugin”

  1. Hi and congrats on the new website! The dic plugin is working here, with one exception – when it lies near your little set of icons (fb/twitter/etc), the popup yellow definition box underlies those icons, so you can’t read it. I think this occurred on the About page.

  2. Which dictionary plugin are you using? I’m trying to find one that’s not an extra load on the system, doesn’t create tons of additional pages, something lite.

  3. Hi Ruth – sorry I took a while to fish you out of mod!

    I’m using Explanatory Dictionary, which is very light, working with the tooltip feature in your web browser rather than generating new pages.

    It probably isn’t the one to use if you’re going to have lots and lots of definitions, as it doesn’t distinguish capitalisation and will partial-match, but for a site which just needs some basic pointers for the readers it’s not too bad.

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