9 thoughts on “Testing out a new mobile stylesheet”

  1. The post itself looks fine but the data entry fields for leaving a reply aren’t showing up on my Nokia N95, the field names are there but there’s no box to click into.

    • I found the data entry fields small but definitely there underneath the field names, Mim. Once I clicked on one to input text, the field embiggened to make it easier to see what I was typing.

      Is there any chance you just missed them in their smaller mode?

      • I can see them clear as day on my mobile now, but then the whole thing looks different now.

        It can’t have loaded properly before, all I could see was the text of the field names and clicking randomly on, beside and around the text didn’t have any effect at all.

        Though where I could see the image from the post before, I now just have a broken image link icon. Maybe the problem is at my end, I don’t do much browsing on my phone ’cause it tends to be pretty slow and painful on most sites.

      • It may have something to do with some changes I made to the settings.

        I’ve just re-enabled interactivity on embedded images and other media, but I’m still not seeing the post thumbnails – probably because they are defined by custom fields as thumbnails only, and not part of the normal entry content.

        Never mind, the thumbnails are only there for a bit of web-styling anyway, they’re not crucial for content, and not displaying them must make the mobile theme much faster.

  2. Hm, looking at a few diagnostics it looks like this plugin requires some rejigging of the stylesheet – a few things have been deprecated and need to be updated if one wants the site to be mobile friendly.

  3. Looks good and seems to work well on the iPod touch (so iPhone will also work, I presume).

    • Okay, I think I’ve got this new mobile theme working nicely on Hoyden now – it doesn’t like the front page, but I’ve put a link there to the more traditional blog page format and that seems to work.

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