Basic HTML for bloggers

Every now and then I get asked about this, by both authors and commentors, so I’m listing a few good resources here so that they’re all together in one place.

For Blog Authors:

N.B. It’s worth noting that some of the short HTML tags (<i> <u> <s> etc) seem to be deprecated i.e. not all new browsers render them, so it’s often better to use the XHTML tags ( <em> <strong> etc) – except on platforms that don’t accept them, of course.

For Blog Commentors

In WordPress, the blog authors can use a wide range of HTML tags, while blog commentor’s options are restricted to some basic formatting tags. Other blogging systems similarly restrict the markup allowed in comments, in order to limit potential avenues for exploits.

Most of the articles listed above offer links to more advanced tutorials at the end of their own tute.

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