Testing plugin: ShushThatNoise

Downloadable via the WordPress plugin repository: ShushThatNoise – Ignorant Comment Hider, only compatible with WP3.01.

Hide unwanted comments without deleting them. Edit the comment and wrap the offending text in [shush][/shush].
(Example: [shush]FIRST!!![/shush])

Readers can choose to read the hidden comment by clicking on the “Show” link.

screencap of ShushThatNoise plugin in action

ShushThatNoise plugin in action

Bonus: You can also use this shortcode in your posts as a “Spoiler” hider.

I like the idea of being able to use it as a spoiler hider. Let’s test that feature:

[shush]This is where I would be talking about that OMGWTFBBQ!1!! moment in that end of season cliffhanger that hasn’t yet aired in all the countries that my readers are from.[/shush]

Well, it works nicely in preview for me!

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