I’m best known as a blogger, but I’m also a webwrangler who performs software support duties for several sociopolitical commentary sites. My company VIVidWeb specialises in building brand new websites, renovating older websites, customising and branding websites to suit particular needs; also upgrading current static content to a dynamic Content Management System, reorganising site content for effective Information Architecture, and ensuring that content is presented properly for Search Engine Optimisation. I work mostly but not exclusively with WordPress, so if there’s something weird going on with your WordPress-powered site, I can almost certainly figure out how to fix it and keep it securely optimised afterwards.

VIVidWeb also provides boutique web-hosting for Australian ventures who want robust local servers with an optimum response time for local users, with a particular emphasis on accessibility for website owners with disabilities. Yet this particular site is hosted in America with DreamHost, because they are very cheap, reliable and easy to use. I can also host websites for other people on my DreamHost account. Contact me to discuss your particular needs.